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The Growth of Animation

Animated Enthusiasm by James Clarke “Animation has now moved into adult acceptance rather than just being ‘for kids’ primarily because of the quality of the screenplays being developed and written.”…

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State of the (Animation) Nation

James Clarke investigates what the digital revolution means for the making and distribution of big-screen animation, from the studios to the independents …

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From Raindrops to Robots to Old Ticking Clocks

From Peter Pan to War Horse and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to Lincoln, Gary Rydstrom, sound designer and re-recording mixer at Skywalker Sound, has worked on a plethora of modern classics. Here he talks…

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Rick McCallum – Reach For the Sky

Having produced such films as Pennies From Heaven, Dream Child and Castway and TV series such as The Singing Detective, amongst other collaborations with Dennis Potter and Nic Roeg, Rick McCallum has 30 years of…

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RETURN OF THE J3DI: Putting Star Wars Into the 3D Universe

As audiences prepare to experience Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D, visual effects supervisor Dorne Huebler explains how—and why—Lucasfilm gave the stereoscopic treatment to a beloved franchise. …

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