Articles by Nikki Baughan

A Field in England was released simultaneously on VOD and theatrically

The Realities of Video on Demand

Three VoD experts discuss the financial realities of on-demand distribution, and whether it’s a sustainable business model for the future of film


Inside Llewyn Davis – Review

The Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis is ‘both amusing character study and profound treatise about unrealised ambition, the cruel nature of fate and the omnipresent possibility of failure,’ says Nikki Baughan


The Call – Review

The Call benefits from ‘solid performances from Berry and Breslin, together with some slick, intimate visuals from cinematographer Tom Yatsko,’ says Nikki Baughan


Jadoo – Review

With Jadoo, director Amit Gupta has ‘drawn on his personal experiences to create an intimate and heartfelt look at life in the British Indian community’ says Nikki Baughan