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A Brighter Outlook – Lukas Moodysson

After achieving international acclaim with the crowd-pleasing Show Me Love and Together, Lukas Moodysson plunged into the darkness with Lilya 4-Ever and A Hole in My Heart. In 2009 he…

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Shake It Up: Matthew McConaughey

Having made his name in romantic comedies, Matthew McConaughey has taken a rather different path in recent years, with films like Killer Joe, The Paperboy and Mud, in which he plays the titular fugitive who is…

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Thomas Vinterberg: The Story Matters

The Danish director explains why he’s returning to the controversial subject matter of 1998’s Festen, in which a father is accused of molesting his children, with The Hunt, which stars Mads Mikkelsen as a teacher…

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Jason Lew – A Personal Journey

Having started out as an actor in films like The Experiment and Recalled, Jason Lew turns his attention to screenwriting with the recently released Restless. And, as he explains, watching Gus Van Sant turn your…

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Oren Moverman – A Personal Message

Having penned screenplays for the likes of JESUS’ SON (1999), I’M NOT THERE (2007) and MARRIED LIFE (2007), Oren Moverman is making his directorial debut with THE MESSENGER. He also co-wrote this tale of an American casualty notification…

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Jerzy Skolimowski – A Killer Story

Polish writer/director Jerzy Skolimowski is no stranger to controversy; his 1981 film Hands Up! saw him almost run out of his homeland. And, as he explains, he’s fully prepared for his political prison drama Essential…

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