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VFX in a Digital Age

Drew Jones, VP of feature FX at Method Studios, the London outfit who created the effects for the likes of Seven Psychopaths, X-Men: First Class and Wrath of the Titans,…

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Neville Page – Fantastic Visions

As a concept and creature designer working on the likes of Watchmen, Cloverfield and Star Trek, Neville Page is responsible for the look of some of modern cinema’s greatest successes. But, as he explains, new…

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The Next Generation of VFX

When he’s not working as a compositor on features like Stardust, RocknRolla and Green Zone, Ian Murphy teaches the next generation of filmmakers. Here, he discusses his recent work with Skillset, co-authoring The Core Skills…

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Paul Franklin – Absurd Reality

Although it’s not shot in 3D or part of a hit franchise, Inceptionis one of the highest grossing films of 2010, thanks in no small part to its incredible effects. VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin explains…

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