RØDE purchases FiRe app

RØDE’s Peter Freedman (right) with Matthew Foust of Audiofile Engineering (left) following execution of the agreement.

RØDE’s Peter Freedman (right) with Matthew Foust of Audiofile Engineering (left) following execution of the agreement.

RØDE Microphones have announced its purchase of the acclaimed FiRe audio recording application for Apple iOS devices, from leading US based developer, Audiofile Engineering. Audiofile are considered one of the world’s best audio software development studios for iOS platforms. This acquisition now makes RØDE the world leader in iOS based audio recording innovation and expertise.

Under the terms of the agreement, RØDE has taken complete ownership of the app, as well as the fundamental code to continue to refine new and innovative software in this growing market sector. In the next few months RØDE will release improved versions of its existing app, RØDE Rec, based on the FiRe platform and is working on new, advanced hardware.

“When we first looked at the smartphone market as a development area for RØDE, I knew that it wasn’t enough to just make a hardware product. RØDE’s goal from day one was to create a complete recording solution – a platform that we can build around”, said RØDE President, Peter Freedman. “I had known and used FiRe for some time and considered it to be the best field recording App available. So in conjunction with its developers, Audiofile Engineering, we built RØDE Rec to further enhance its already impressive audio capabilities, as well as providing high-resolution support for all our hardware products, along with the world’s first 24/96 field recorder for iOS, the iXY”.

“Today’s purchase of the FiRe platform brings all of the IP in-house here at RØDE, allowing us to fully control the development schedule and realise many of the great plans we have for RØDE Rec and our iOS based customers around the world”, Mr Freedman continued.

Audiofile Engineering built a strong relationship with RØDE over the eighteen months of development, and is excited to see the application now in the hands of a pro-audio company ready to take it to the next level.

“All of the features that make FiRe an incredibly powerful field recorder for iOS make it a perfect fit for RØDE”, commented Matthew Foust, Managing Partner at Audiofile Engineering. “Creating great audio software is our passion, so we’re elated to see RØDE unite FiRe with best-in-class accessories and leverage their global presence to put it in the hands of even more people around the world.”

Audiofile Engineering will continue to support FiRE customers while the transition is occurring.

For more information on RØDE software apps for Apple iOS, visit www.rodemic.com/software

New BFI Programming Development Fund worth £5.6m

BFI Film Forever
The BFI has announced the launch of its Programming Development Fund, worth up to £1.4m per year, up to 2017. The new fund is designed to empower programmers and exhibitors across the UK with the means to curate and present adventurous and ambitious programmes of film activity to bring specialised and independent British films to audiences across the UK in fresh and original ways.

The Programming Development Fund is intrinsically linked to the BFI’s pioneering UK Audience Network, set to launch autumn 2013, which will see a varied range of partners across the country working together to bring diverse and engaging film experiences to as many people as possible. As set out in its Film Forever five year plan, the BFI aims to increase the size, diversity and geographic spread of audiences viewing specialised and independent British films and the Programming Development fund and ground-breaking UK Audience Network will be central to achieving this goal.

Tim Cagney, Deputy CEO of the BFI, said, “We want audiences to develop a lifelong relationship with film and we passionately believe that everyone in the UK should be able to enjoy the very best in British and world cinema, no matter where they live. This fund will be a key tool for the UK’s expert programmers and exhibitors, giving them the opportunity to work with our UK Audience Network to present creative programmes of thought-provoking and inspiring films that will help audiences everywhere discover the power of great cinema.”

The Programming Development Fund will support different levels of activity from smaller research projects through to activity on a larger scale, with the aim to encourage bold and ambitious cross-regional projects, including some with national reach. Projects are expected to utilise the UK Audience Network infrastructure and capitalise on programmers’ curatorial expertise and local knowledge to bring compelling seasons of films and events to UK audiences, particularly outside London where there is less access to cultural film. By encouraging a pooling of resources and expertise, the fund will foster curatorial ambition and create economies of scale.

Through widening access to cultural cinema at local, regional and cross-regional level, the BFI hopes to inspire UK audiences to take greater risks in their viewing choices, in turn helping to increase the public and media profile of specialised and independent British film. By encouraging ambitious thinking around the showing of films from programmers, cinemas and other venues, the BFI also hopes to increase skills, knowledge and capacity in these areas.

The Programming Development Fund, which will support comprehensive programmes of activity led by exhibitors, is designed to complement the BFI’s Distribution Fund, which supports distributors to widen the audiences for specialised and UK independent films on a title by title basis.

More information about the BFI’s Programming Development Fund

The BFI hopes to support a wide range of exhibition activity through the Programming Development Fund, which could include but is not limited to:
· programmes curated around a particular theme, genre, national cinema or geographic origin
· major retrospectives or seasons
· archive programmes
· touring programmes
· documentary or non-fiction programmes

There are three strands of funding available in the Fund:
Strand 1 is designed to support the development costs of a project which requires feasibility, testing or piloting in advance of a full project proposal. Awards will be within the range £5000-£20,000.

Strand 2 is designed to support projects that have been fully developed and are ready for implementation. Awards will be within the range £15,000-£150,000.

Strand 3 is designed to support very large-scale projects only. The BFI expects to make a very limited number of awards under this strand each year, with one application deadline in December for 2013. In future years the deadline will be in June with exact dates to be announced. Awards in this Strand will be in the range £150,000 – £500,000.

For Strands 1 and 2 during this first call, applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, with a final deadline of 5pm, Monday 2 September. For strand 3 the application deadline is 5pm, Monday 2 December.

Find out more and download application guidelines and forms here

G-Technology launches annual Driven Creativity Competition

G-Technology, a leader in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the creative professional market, has kicked off its annual search for the most inspiring and creative projects in the UK through its 2013 Driven Creativity Competition. The annual competition, open to both professionals and amateurs, recognises and supports artists’ hard work and creative passion in five categories: animation, music, photography, short film and GoPro Active. The competition is free to participants and entries will be accepted from June 27 until October 29, 2013 at g-technology.eu/competition.

The 2013 Driven Creativity overall winner will be selected from all categories, both professional and amateur, and will be awarded €5000 to use toward their next creative project as well as the new G-Technology G-DOCK™ ev with Thunderbolt® storage system. A professional winner, an amateur winner and a runner-up will be selected from each of the categories: animation, music, photography and short film. There will also be one winner and a runner-up for the GoPro Active category of short videos from content captured using a GoPro wearable or gear-mountable camera, as well as a People’s Choice Award winner for the entry with the highest online votes. The category winners and runners-up will all receive high-performance, premium external storage solutions from G-Technology’s range of products designed for creative professionals.

Supporting the Creative Community
The 2013 Driven Creativity Competition aims to recognise, promote and reward brilliant work from both established professionals and up-and-coming talent. All entries to the competition, regardless of size or budget, have equal chances to win due to a unique judging process; entries will be judged not only on aesthetic quality, but also on the innovation and drive that went into creating them. With their submissions, entrants also have the opportunity to pull back the curtain on their inspiration for the piece and share how they would use the competition prizes to further their next creative projects.

All of the 2012 winners can be found here.

Competition Judging Criteria and Process
The 2013 Driven Creativity Competition will be judged by a panel of creative industry experts, and the overall winner will be announced on November 15, 2013. The panel of judges will include G-Technology G-TEAM ambassadors who will contribute hints and tips to the entrants about what they will and won’t be looking for in each submission, reflecting on what creative techniques and projects inspire them.

Entry is free and open to residents in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and Russia and only original work created is eligible for submission. The entry period closes at midnight on October 29, 2013, with the category winners and runners-up announced on November 8 2013. Click here for full competition rules, terms and conditions

The copyright for entered material remains with the author.

Sohonet launches new service in Singapore

Singapore skyline viewed from Chinatown

Singapore skyline viewed from Chinatown

Sohonet, the leading expert in connectivity and data management for the media and entertainment industry, is pleased to announce the availability of Sohonet’s renowned Sohonet Media Network in Singapore as part of its significant expansion programme.

Asia is a key territory for Sohonet. It has the fastest growing economy in the world and is quickly become a significant centre for media companies, visual effects facilities and post-production houses. Singapore is an ideal location for multinational media companies, broadcasters and an ideal launch point for Sohonet to expand into greater Asia.

The continuing globalisation of the media industry means that media companies based in Singapore require the same quality of connectivity and service offerings that are available to customers throughout Europe, North America, Canada, Australian and New Zealand.

Sohonet will offer a range of local and international connectivity options including dedicated, private bandwidth between Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London, as well infrastructure services like secure file transfer, production quality storage as service, and high performance compute clusters. These services are provided through Sohonet’s simple to use community web portal, the Sohonet Hub, which ties infrastructure and service layers together.

Sohonet recently received their telecommunications license from the Info-Communications Development Authority of Singapore, making the Sohonet Media Network available to customers in Singapore as from today.

Dave Scammell, Sohonet CEO said, “We are delighted to announce the expansion of our network to Singapore and look forward to engaging with local Singapore media companies to fulfil their networking and infrastructure service requirements to ensure they can truly become part of the growing global media community. ”

After ten years with Sohonet in Australia and New Zealand, local Director for ANZ and Asia, David Edgar, will be the driving force in deploying the Sohonet Media Network in Singapore. Edgar said, “It has always been our plan to grow the network out from ANZ to Asia and then back to the UK to complete our global diversity and we are really excited about the opportunity to work with new customers in this region. Singapore is the ideal first step for Sohonet and a natural progression from Sydney. Many of the people we’ve spoken to consider the importance of having a reliable, predictable network as a key business requirement for effective global working.”

Sohonet was launched at Broadcast Asia 2013 by Sohonet’s CTO, Ben Roeder after finalising the technical deployment.


Just Mobile Gum Max Duo


As iPhones and iPads become more and more a vital and integral part of every filmmaker’s kit, with its plethora of apps, and ability to even serve as principal camera on occasions, there is nothing worse than being on location and having the battery die. Unlike normal cameras, you can’t carry spare batteries and swap them out, and finding a spare power socket is not always convenient. However, Taiwanese electronics company Just Mobile have addressed that problem with their Gum Max Duo. This is a solid brick of a battery that resembles a portable hard drive. The sturdy aluminium case comes with black rubber protective sleeve (with optional primary-coloured ones available). The 11200mAh capacity battery has enough juice to give up to an extra seven hours of iPad use. The Duo designation comes from the two USB2 ports that will allow you to charge an iPhone and iPad at the same time. There are a bunch of LEDs to show the charging level.

gummax_13The Gum Max Duo comes with a single USB charging cable, but no plug or cables for your iOS device. Having spare charging cables is always a good idea, and third-party Lightning cables can be picked up cheaply online from places such as eBay, Amazon or 7dayshop.com, as can USB plugs.

At €120, it is not cheap, but preventing your £500 iPhone or iPad from dying while you’re in the field makes it invaluable.

Visit the Just Mobile website to see their full range of accessories for all your Apple devices and to buy the Gum Max Duo.