Guild of Location Managers invited to join The Production Guild


The Production Guild of Great Britain, which represents a core constituency in the UK production industry including line producers, production executives and production accountants working across film and television, is expanding its role in the UK production community by inviting members of the UK’s Guild of Location Managers to join the Production Guild.

This week will see 50 members of the Guild of Location Managers join the Production Guild. The Guild of Location Managers has been in discussion with the Production Guild over the past months about how best to offer its members an enhanced range of services and support. Having set up a membership offer for location managers, agreed with the Guild of Location Managers, the organisation will now cease to exist as a separate entity.

The Production Guild has a full-time staffed office at Pinewood Studios and is highly respected within the UK film and TV industry as well as by international producers and production executives who work with its members both in the UK and overseas.

Alison Small, Chief Executive of the Production Guild said, “Offering more location managers the opportunity to join the Production Guild is a good fit given they are very much part of the production team working with line producers, production executives and production accountants, with location managers working on home-grown film and television productions as well as incoming international productions.

“The Guild’s focus is on ensuring that our world-renowned skillsbase is supported in a variety of ways so they can gain work and also so that the UK can maintain its competitive edge to capitalise on the opportunities that the tax breaks for high-end TV and film can generate and the private investment being made in services and facilities.”

Jane Soans, location manager and Production Guild board member said, “The Guild of Location Managers has been seeking how best to support its membership, particularly since it has grown. The close working relationship that Production Guild members have with location managers, its focus on expanding employment opportunities, providing training and information, and having an office and staff to serve members will be a huge benefit to our members. I am delighted that plans are already underway for the Production Guild to run an Assistant Location Managers training scheme.”

The Production Guild provides a range of benefits for its membership geared towards expanding employment opportunities from offering high quality and cost-effective courses all designed and delivered by top industry practitioners specifically to meet the training and skills needs of all grades in the production and accounting departments, as well as informed and expert knowledge on key production issues and matters to its members, to government and as part of industry consultations.

The Guild proactively promotes its members to the UK and international production industry, tracks productions, hosts events with other professionals on pertinent subjects and areas of work, and provides information, news and access to the Guild’s office facilities at Pinewood.

Over the past few months the Production Guild has been working with the British Film Commission in hosting a series of seminars across the UK on the new tax relief for high-end television supported by the UK’s leading publicly funded film agencies and industry experts.

The Production Guild’s membership also already includes post-production supervisors and assistant directors.

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