Horror Movies To Look Forward To In 2018

There is something about a movie that makes you a little nervous, makes you sit on the edge of your seat, and look over your shoulder. Lucky for us, the genre of horror movies has grown over the years creating our pick of classics, thrillers, slashers, and more. Not only do we get our pick of our past, though, the genre continues to be added onto to provide us with new scares at every turn. Already we have seen the promising likes of A Quiet Place but there is more horror to be had in 2018.

The First Purge


Set to release on July 4th, The First Purge will be a prequel to The Purge series that we have come to know and love over the five years. Over the course of the series, we have become familiar with a vast cast of characters all based around one event, the Purge, in which all crime is completely legal for 24 hours – including murder.


The First Purge won’t just be another group of people trying to survive the night, though. As the name suggests, this is the very first Purge. It is developed by a social scientist who claims that the one night of crime will lower crime during the rest of the year. She even notes that it is important so that the society may function. So, in this movie, we can expect to learn how the Purge came to be and see the experience of this first night of lawlessness. However, the evidence in the trailer of protests against the Purge as well as government involvement promise a refreshing twist on a series that has never left us bored before.


The Nun


In recent years, nothing has scared audiences quite like the likes of the Conjuring series and their spinoff, Annabelle. It only seems reasonable that after we got a movie about the perpetrator of the original in the series that the terror from the Conjuring 2 follows suit. Of course, director Corin Hardy delivers and brings us The Nun.


The Nun is set to release on September 7th and starts with a priest coming to investigate the suicide of a nun in Romania. However, things quickly go downhill when a nun backed by a demonic force starts to haunt and terrorize their story. In the cast, any American Horror Story fan will be able to recognize Taissa Farmiga.


Truth or Dare


Fittingly for a horror movie, Truth or Dare is set to release on Friday the 13th of this month and provides us with a horrifying twist on a game that we’ve all played at a sleepover at one point or another. However, when these friends start a game of truth or dare on a vacation to Mexico, it doesn’t end when they want it to. Instead it continues, killing them off one by one and, as the trailer explains to us, the game doesn’t stop until all the players are dead.


The game starts simple enough – “I dare you to kiss Olivia” – but eventually ramps up to characters being forced to do death defying acts. The rules are rather simple and Olivia herself explains in the trailer; “Tell the truth or you die, do the dare or you die.”




It was a whole 40 years ago, back in 1978, that Halloween first hit the big screen. In it, we were introduced to the now famous masked man, Michael Myers – who escaped from a mental hospital to terrorize a group of high schoolers – most notably Laurie Strode. By the end of the movie, Laurie is one of the only survivors of Myer’s terror. The movie ends with Myer’s escaping despite a number of bullets in him. This opened the door for one of horror’s most famous franchises – a classic slasher among the likes of Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Now, in 2018, we see Jamie Lee Curtis take on the role of Laurie Strode again for her last confrontation with the masked killer. Set for release on the 19th of October – just in time for the actual Halloween – we are promised a masterful wrap-up of this ongoing series that will end exactly where it began.

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