Don’t Think

Don't Think

REVIEWED BY: Tom Seymour
RELEASED: February 3, 2012

Don’t Think director Adam Smith met The Chemical Brothers—then known as The Dust Brothers—on the London clubbing scene 20 years ago. While Ed and Tom did their thing on stage, Smith created some of the best light, movement and visual shows in the business.

For their last album, Further, he worked with Marcus Lyall on a separate film for each of the eight tracks, before a worldwide tour climaxed with a no-holds-barred extravaganza at Japan’s Fujirock festival.  Don’t Think is an extraordinarily experiential account of that mildly psychedelic evening, with Smith’s camera swooping and swooning over an audience going bananas to the throbbing force of The Chemical Brother’s beats.

Watch this space. After being headhunted to direct episodes of Doctor Who and Little Dorrit, Adam Smith has got two features slated for production this year. The Chemical Brothers will do well to keep hold of him.

 4 stars



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