Showbox Announces New British Genre Label Cine Britannia

Still from Kris McManus' Dead in France, to be released by Cine Britannia later this year...Still from Kris McManus' Dead in France, to be released by Cine Britannia later this year...
British distributor Showbox Media Group have announced the launch of new label Cine Britannia, which will focus solely on genre films made within the UK.
Still from Kris McManus’ Dead in France, to be released by Cine Britannia later this year…

Cine Britannia will act as the sister label to Showbox’s partnership with Cine-Asia, which has established the London-based label as the leading provider of Pan-Asian films in the UK market.

Stephen Rivers, Executive Director of Showbox Media Group Ltd, told movieScope: “Cine Britannia has been simmering behind the scenes for the last 12 months and, with this in mind, we acquired titles at the recent AFM and Berlin Film Markets.

“We hope we achieve the same success for British film under this brand as we have for Asian film under the Cine-Asia brand. We aim to promote the British film industry across all genres under one patriotic label. As far as we know, there is no direct competition for a brand like Cine-Britannia.”

Cine Britannia is entering a competitive, and some would say saturated market, with many distribution companies – not least Revolver, Film Four and Working Title Films – soaking up the high-end and big-name theatrical releases, and companies like Second Sight Films competing for straight to DVD titles.

Rivers recognises it’s a tough market for independent distributors, but seems confident Showbox’s established brand can continue to carve a niche in the home entertainment sector.

“The challenges facing independent companies is that there are too many distributers and a lack of shelf space.

“In the beginning we will source and acquire British films that may contain new British talent through existing contacts and relationships that we have built over the last 30 years with sales agents, producers and directors.

“As the brand becomes established, we believe we will be approached by new talent and up-and-coming British producers and directors looking for distribution in the UK.”

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