Philm Company Announces New Slate

Today sees the announcement of the new slate from Philm Company, the independent film production outfit headed by writer/director Phil Hawkins. Upcoming projects include the comedy/drama Great Scott, an adaptation of Val McDermid’s best-selling crime thriller Killing the Shadows and psychological horror The Last Showing.

Set in Manchester in 1985, Great Scott tells the story of a working class teenager who tries to escape his dull life by turning himself into Back to the Future icon Marty McFly. Written by Alex Child and Hiram Bleetman, the film is a co-production between with Sonic Screenworks and Lip Sync Productions and has a budget of £2-3m.

Killing the Shadows has been adapted by Aidan Magrath, who also penned Philm Company’s Being Sold, and has a budget of £9m with the potential of further development into a TV drama.

Hawkins himself has written the low budget thriller The Last Showing, which  focuses on the terrifying experiences of a couple after they find themselves trapped in a multiplex cinema as the unwitting stars of a real life CCTV horror film.

Philm Company was established in 2006 to produce the adaptation of the classic Greek play The Women of Troy, which was sold internationally as an educational DVD. Their most recent film, Being Sold, was shot in just two days on a budget of £25,000 and won Best Film and Best Actor at the London Independent Film Festival. It is now available on iTunes, with an iPad app of extra content having recently been developed and released in partnership with moPix.

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