RØDE Announces RYCOTE Collaboration, Releases New Videomic



RØDE Microphones and UK-based audio accessory maker Rycote have announced a strategic alliance to allow RØDE access to implement Rycote’s Lyre suspension element across a wide range of microphones and accessories, on both an external and internal level.

logoThe RØDE VideoMic with Lyre onboard marks the debut product of the RØDE Rycote relationship. Its new form factor using the integrated Lyre suspension gives the microphone a lower profile and also features an upgraded all metal cold-shoe mount for increased rigidity.

“This is a great example of how RØDE is planning to push innovation with the Lyre technology, integrating the suspension with the body of the microphone itself to provide unparalleled isolation” commented RØDE Founder Peter Freedman. “This is the first of many exciting products from RØDE featuring Lyre onboard, that will combine our expertise in product design and manufacturing to bring industry-leading products to market at the excellent value that RØDE is famous for.”


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