Sony take on ARRI with the F65


IBC 2011: Sony today announced pricing for their new top-of-the range 8K motion picture camera, the F65 CineAlta. Priced at £40,000 ($65,000/ €47,000), the move sends a clear signal to ARRI and RED of the company’s intention to compete on cost and features.

The announcement follows Tuesday’s US unveiling of the 20 Mega pixel camera to a Hollywood audience of cinematographers at the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) clubhouse in Los Angeles.

Sony has started to take pre-orders for the F65 with the first deliveries scheduled for January 2012.

With advancements in digital technology coming thick as fast, are the days of shooting on film numbered? In movieScope 25 (November/December 2012) we look at the future of Film vs Digital, with contributions by ARRI, KODAK and FUJI.

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