Top Film productions adopt Sohonet’s QC Solution

Press Release: Sohonet recently announced that its QC Solution, originally developed to provide an end-to-end electronic submission solution for the 2007 Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards in, has been adopted by a number of award-winning film productions and media organisations keen to save costs and man-hours, on manual content review.

Sohonet’s QC Solution automatically assesses whether incoming content meets required production standards and post-production protocols and alerts content producers if submitted material does not meet a list of clearly defined specifications, such as those regarding framerate, video & audio codec, image file format, resolution, naming conventions and others.

Marcus Alexander, Post Stereographer/Stereo Producer for Warner Brothers’ Wrath Of Titans was highly impressed with just how much Sohonet’s QC Solution was able to mitigate unnecessary file transfer headaches: “Sohonet’s QC solution has been an invaluable part of the pipeline feeding material to and from multiple VFX and 3D conversion vendors. With bespoke conventions to suit both the vendor’s work methods and the Production’s required setup, we were able to safely rely on Sohonet to help administer a rigid structure that avoided unnecessary file transfer concerns that plagued standard pipelines of the past.”

Sohonet’s Solution was also used for the stereo conversion of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows [Part Two]. Gavin Round, 3D Production Supervisor on the production said: “Sohonet’s automated QC Solution was nothing short of awesome. As we had vendors from around the world delivering shots to us every day from several time zones, having this QC system meant that each vendor could instantly know whether there was a problem with their submission – upload problem, file name error, incorrect QuickTime codec etc. By enabling the vendor to address and correct any errors at the time of uploading meant that we did not need to have someone manually checking each shot, from each upload, from each vendor, and then reporting back – often over 100 shots from around 10-15 vendors each day. We then had all the expected shots the following morning and time was not wasted finding that shots were missing or investigating and attempting to resolve issues before our reviews.”

Ben Roeder, Sohonet’s CTO, fine-tuned the QC Solution following the success of the VES Awards submission process in response to customers’ growing complaints about the time-consuming process of checking digital content submissions for errors. “Content producers are always looking for new ways to ensure their production cycles are leaner and more effective and Sohonet’s QC Solution is proving the ideal solution to quickly and securely optimise file workflow management and cut costs,” Ben said.

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