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Wimbledon Film and Television Studios Open ‘The Bill’ Tours

Wimbledon Studios, the former site of ITV’s 27 year-long running drama, The Bill, is opening its doors to give fans of the show an inside glimpse of its former home in London SW19. The Bill Tours will open to the public during weekends for a limited time only from 22nd September to 28th October.

During each tour, fans will be taken on an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the home of The Bill by a former cast member. The fans will have unlimited access to sets, as well as the opportunity to hear about filming and life on The Bill directly from the source. Fans will also have access to the previously unseen ‘Bill Shrine’, a vast collection of photographs, signed scripts and paraphernalia from the show.

Tickets are available from www.wimbledonstudios.comon a first come, first served basis.

The Bill was produced by talkbackTHAMES and is licensed by FremantleMedia Enterprises. In 2010, the show was decommissioned and the Sunhill set was taken over by Panther Securities Plc. Since then, the collection of sets has been transformed into the Wimbledon Film and Television Studios, which has hosted a number of world-class productions including The Iron Lady, Fast Girls and Episodes.


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