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Al Pacino, Jeremy Renner and Julianne Moore join cast of Imagine

Imagine is inspired by former Beatle John Lennon and his 1971 album.

Al Pacino, Jeremy Renner and Julianne Moore have joined the cast of Imagine, the John Lennon-inspired drama and the directorial debut of Crazy, Stupid Love scriptwriter Dan Fogelman.

Set in 1970s, Imagine centres on Pacino’s ageing rocker who decides to turn his life around after discovering an undelivered letter written to him when he has 19 by Beatles legend John Lennon.

The discovery causes him to rethink his life, shunning his lavish lifestyle and trophy girlfriend, and make up for lost time by reconnecting with the son – played by Jeremy Renner – with whom he’s estranged.

Julianne Moore will play the owner of a small New Jersey hotel where the rocker takes up residence.

Fogelman told “Every writer has that one project, the one they feel so strongly about that they can’t bear to turn it over to anyone else. For me, that project is Imagine. It was a career highlight simply to get a script of mine into Al Pacino’s hands. To have him read it, and then want to star in it. It’s five steps past career highlight.

“And now, to have Julianne Moore and Jeremy join the fray?  It’s beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been hiding in my house for the past few weeks, out of fear that someone would pinch me. We are going to make a very special film here.”

Steve Carrell was originally attached to star in the project when it was first set up at Warner Bros. Pictures. Denise DiNovi and Nimitt Mankad are producing for Inimitable Pictures and Mister Smith Entertainment.

Imagine has been given a Spring 2013 production date.


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