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BFI and Industry Trust move against piracy with FindAnyFilm endorsement

Find Any Film offers consumers a gateway to legitimate film content online.

The BFI have moved against online piracy by endorsing film streaming website FindAnyFilm, which will now come under the stewardship of the Industry Trust.

FindAnyFilm, one of the UK’s leading websites for film fans looking to watch, buy, download, stream or rent legitimate film TV and video, will be central to the Industry Trust’s copyright education campaigns by promoting legitimate and legal film, TV and video services to consumers.

Deputy CEO of the BFI Tim Cagney said: “Today’s announcement really does mark an exciting new phase for FindAnyFilm and we’re thrilled that this innovative website is now being fully embraced by the film industry and taken into its exciting next chapter.”

Director-general of the Industry Trust Liz Bales said: “We’re extremely grateful for the significant contribution the BFI has made to FindAnyFilm, which has enhanced the user experience considerably. We’re pleased that our members and partners have embraced its potential and we look forward to working with them to continue its success.”


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