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Disney to buy German cable channel Das Vierte

Disney's new acquisition Das Vierte has a 0.2 percent share of the German audience.

Disney has further expanded its presence in the German television market with the acquisition of cable channel Das Vierte, which translates as The Fourth, it was announced today.

Disney signed a deal today to acquire the free TV channel from Russian media executive Dmitry Lesnevsky. They will pay an undisclosed amount to buy the free-to-air channel.

Das Vierte, which has a 0.2 percent share of the German audience, used to be owned by NBC Universal.

“The Walt Disney Company has signed an agreement to purchase the German broadcast channel Das Vierte, providing Disney with a number of options to expand its broadcast capabilities in Germany,” Disney said in a statement.

Disney already has a strong presence in the German TV market, with a 50 per cent stake in leading kids channel Super RTL


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