Krakow announces documentary competition titles

Once My Mother by Sophia Turkiewicz

Once My Mother by Sophia Turkiewicz

Krakow Film Festival have announced the 20 films taking part in documentary competition for the Golden Horn award.

The films taking part in the competition have to be longer than 30 minutes.  Ten medium-length film and ten feature-length films will take part in the eighth edition of the competition for the main award: the Golden Horn.

“Krakow Film Festival has always been the haven for documentary films that are very humanistic, concentrate on human beings and their individual tragedies and joys”, said Anna Ewa Dziedzic, the spokesperson of the Festival. “This year, we are more open to social and political problems, but the individual is still in the centre of our interest.”

The films screening follow the trend of presenting protagonists entangled in history, such as the story of young Syrian revolutionaries (Return to Homs), the negotiators for the peaceful coexistence of Serbia and Kosovo (The Agreement), patrols catching illegal immigrants on the Serbian-Hungarian border (Superior Orders) or a story about the toughest fight the world’s greatest boxer had to face defending his religious beliefs (The Trials of Muhammad Ali).

Conversely, there are films documenting family life, often far from the ideal vision of family. The makers of  What’s next Karolinka – Norwid and Nicole try to find out how Karolina, who made her début in the film Cześć Tereska! by Robert Gliński, deals with the challenges of being a single mother. The film follows on from I co dalej z Tobą Karolinko. Karin Ekberg’s camera explores the preparation for the separation of parents, who were married for 38 years, and records their emotions in A Separation. Idan trains martial arts under the tutelage of his father, who in turn was taught by his father, a survivor of the Holocaust in Choose to Fight.

The threads of the family and history are intertwined in the film Once My Mother by Sophia Turkiewicz, in which the director tries to find the reasons why her mother, an emigrant, left her in an orphanage. The entire story is outlined against the background of the tale about the wanderings of Siberian deportees.

The documentary competition at the 54th KFF also looks at different facets of love.  In Deep Love, Janusz, in spite of having suffered a stroke, cannot imagine his life without diving. His girlfriend and physiotherapist Asia tries to dissuade him from this dangerous pastime. Although paralysed, Tovie keeps on helping her customers to find their better halves in Do you Believe in Love?’. The Domino Effect looks at the marriage of Abkhazia’s minister of sport to a much younger opera singer from Russia and discovers it is not a bed of roses, particularly when cultural differences become apparent.

Medium-length (up to 60 min. ):

Killing Time, dir. Jaap van Hoewijk, 2013, Netherlands, 54 min

Holanda del sol, dir. Daniel Abma, Florian Lampersberger, 2013, Germany, 45 min

What’s next Karolinka – Norwid and Nicole, dir. Karolina Bendera, 2014, Poland, 60 min

Blood, dir. Alina Rudnitskaya, 2013, Russia, 59 min

The Agreement, dir. Karen Stokkendal Poulsen, 2013, Denmark, 59 min

The Square, dir. Livia Gyarmathy, 2013, Hungary, 52 min

Let them love, let them dream, dir. Monika Nawrot, Dominik Górski, 2013, Poland, 55 min

Do you Believe in Love?, dir. Dan Wasserman, 2013, Israel, 50 min

Superior Orders, dir. Viktor Oszkár Nagy, András Petrik, 2013, Hungary, 50 min

Choose to Fight, dir. Itay Ivne, Israel 2013, 51 min.


Feature-length films (above 60 min. ):

Deep Love, dir. Jan. P. Matuszyński, 2013, Poland, 84 min

The Domino Effect, dir. Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski, 2014, Poland, Germany, 76 min

Where Time Stops, dir. Monika Grassl, 2013, Germany, 75 min

Once My Mother, dir. Sophia Turkiewicz, 2013, Australia, Polska, 75 min

The Trials of Muhammad Ali, dir. Bill Siegel, 2014, USA, 94 min

Return to Homs, dir. Talal Derki, 2013, Syria, Niemcy, 90 min

A Separation, dir. Karin Ekberg, 2013, Sweden, 70 min

Two Raging Grannies, dir. Håvard Bustnes, 2013, Norway, Denmark, Italy, 78 min

Garden Lovers, dir. Virpi Suutari, 2014, Finland, 73 min


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