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Marc Evans signs on to direct Israeli-Palestinian comedy Birthright

Still from Katie Miranda's Tear Gas in the Morning, on which Birthright is based.

Marc Evans has signed on to direct the Israeli-Palestinian comedy Birthright, the film’s producers announced today at Power at the Pixel in London.

The Welsh-born director’s credits include the films Snow Cake, My Little Eye and Patagonia.

Written by Ari Issler and Ben Snyder the film is a tripartite transmedia project about a young man on a Birthright trip to Israel, a graphic novel called Tear Gas in the Morning by Kate Miranda about a young woman who volunteers at a Palestinian Rights Organization, and a mobile game.

Miranda’s novel follows a young Jewish-American girl who spends a summer volunteering at a Palestinian Rights Agency in the West Bank.

The producers said in a statement: “Birthright will feature a series of intersecting narratives that unfold across multiple-media platforms, including an interactive graphic novel, a mobile game and a feature comedy.”

The film will be produced by BoomGen Studios, who have previous experience of working on films set in the region, including Julian Schnabel’s Miral,  the TLC series All-American Muslim and Disney’s Prince of Persia.

BoomGen’s CEO and cofounder Mahyad Tousi is producing the film.



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