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Mikael Håfström to make indie film Snitch Jacket after The Tomb

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mikael Håfström's new movie The Tomb

Mikael Håfström will return to his independent roots after directing Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in $70m The Tomb.

The Swedish director of Oscar nominated film Evil (2003) and the recent Anthony Hopkins vehicle The Rite (2011) will direct low-budget thriller Snitch Jacket in spring 2013.

Based on L.A. Times journalist Christopher Goffard’s novel, producer Brett Walsh describes the Snitch Jacket as “The Usual Suspects meets The Sopranos.”

The film follows Benny, a loner who becomes involved with an unstable veteran of the Vietnam war, before being accused of double murder.

Casting director Richard Mento and Håfström’s producing partner Kelly Dennis will co-produce.

Walsh said in a statement: “Mikael is absolutely perfect for Snitch Jacket. It’s the kind of film we haven’t seen him doing in the States, something with greater depth of character. It’s more in line with the kind of smaller character pieces he did in Sweden.”


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