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Mila Kunis, Casey Affleck, James Franco join Third Person cast

James Franco joins Kunis and Affleck in the romantic drama.

Mila Kunis, Casey Affleck and James Franco set to join Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde in Paul Haggis’ romance-drama Third Person.

The film follows three inter-connected love stories of three couples in three cities. The budget is estimated at $28 million.

Although roles for Kunis, Affleck and Franco have not been confirmed, Neeson will play a writer and Wilde a New York gossip columnist.

“The stories look at the beginning, middle and end of a relationship,” said Haggis. “The couple in Italy represents the beginning, Paris the middle and New York the end.”

Haggis said: “I’m thrilled we are attracting such an amazing cast. Every director says that when their film is announced, but honestly – look at this cast.

“These are complex characters in a challenging story; I’m humbled that so many talented people have placed their faith in me. And I am grateful to have such terrific producing partners in Paul Breuls and Michael Nozik. Now I just need to survive five months of amazing pasta.”

Principal photography begins in Rome on 17 October.


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