New Creative England initiative selects 16 directors

Creative England is behind the new low budget film funding initiativeCreative England is behind the new low budget film funding initiative

Creative England is behind the new low budget film funding initiative

A group of 16 young directors have been selected for new low budget feature film initiative iFeatures2, which will ultimately turn three projects into feature films.

The iFeatures2 development slate was selected from over 350 submissions.

Each project will undergo creative and commercial development as the initiative gears up to greenlight three films into production in early 2013 at budgets of £350,000.

The initiative is funded by Creative England, together with media partners the BFI Film Fund, BBC Films and Creative Skillset.

The slate includes stories based in the surfing beaches of Cornwall to the stock car tracks of Norfolk; from a lighthouse on the Northumbrian coast to the Hampshire hills; and from the eerie shores of the Lake District to the post-industrial badlands of the East Midlands.

Genres range from thriller to comedy, drama to documentary, science fiction to western.

iFeatures2 Executive Producer Tristan Goligher said: “It’s great to see such a broad range of talent and ideas. During the selection process we came across projects where it was clear that the filmmakers were trying to present the kind of film they thought we wanted to see. But the 16 films that have made it through have a clear identity and are not trying to fit into any preconceived idea of what iFeatures is about. There’s no such thing as a typical iFeatures film, so it’s refreshing to see this really interesting and original mix of projects, ideas and personalities.”

Creative England’s Head of Talent Christopher Moll and the architect of iFeatures, said: “The teams and projects that have made it through provide proof that Creative England really is reaching out to filmmakers across the English regions and beyond. It’s good to see how connections are being forged between cities, regions and even the nations, reflecting the collaborative ethos at the heart of the iFeatures programme.

“It demonstrates their importance as vital conduits for emerging talent where they can learn their trade, gain the experience and make the contacts that will enable them to develop their careers in film.”


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