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Christopher Nolan to Produce Cameraman Wally Pfister’s Debut Film

Wally Pfister on the set of The Dark Knight Rises with Nolan

Christopher Nolan is set to produce his long-term cinematographer Wally Pfister’s directorial debut.

The Dark Knight Rises director and his producing partner Emma Thompson have confirmed they will be working on the Inception, The Dark Knight and Memento cameraman’s first film as director.

Pfister has worked with Christopher as Director of Photography on seven of his films since first working together on breakout movie Memento in 2000. He received an Oscar for his work on Inception, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio as a government agent capable of entering dreams.

The unnamed thriller will be funded by Alcon Entertainment, who worked with Nolan and Thompson and Emma on the 2002 thriller Insomnia.

Alcon Entertainment Producers Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove said: “Chris and Emma, with whom we worked so closely on Insomnia, are supremely talented, as filmmakers, as collaborators, as storytellers, in all ways large and small, and we are delighted to be in business with them again.”

The film – whose plot and cast are not yet known – will be co-produced by Regency Boies after being developed by Annie Marter and sold as a pitch to Straight Up Films. The script was written by Alcon in-house screenwriter Jack Paglen.

Filming is scheduled for the end of 2012.


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