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Paramount sign on to fund Baron Cohen’s new satire The Lesbian

Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya in his last film The Dictator.

Paramount Pictures have signed  on to fund  Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film The Lesbian, based on Hong Kong businessman Cecil Chao’s attempts to deny his daughter’s sexuality.

Baron Cohen, 40, best known for his characters Bruno, Borat and Ali G, moved quickly to find funding for a project inspired by news the Hong Kong tycoon Chao has offered a $65 million dowry to any man who successfully convinces his lesbian daughter, Gigi Chao, into a heterosexual marriage.

When news of Chao’s bid broke in Hong Kong last week after his daughter eloped to Paris with her longtime girlfriend, the story quickly made international headlines.

With The Lesbian still a working title, the film is likely to star Baron Cohen, although a director and screenwriter are still to be signed. The film will be produced through his production company Four By Two.

The Lesbian will be Baron Cohen’s latest satirical take on current affairs. His last film The Dictator saw the London born actor star as Admiral General Aladeen of the fictional Republic of Wadiya in what was clearly a parody of the former Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi.

Despite being released at the height of the Libyan uprising, The Dictator failed to make headway at the American box office, grossing $59 million and taking a loss on its production budget of $65 million. The film fared well in international markets though, making $177 million worldwide.


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