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Persopolis director Marjane Satrapi to direct live-action horror for Vertigo

Persopolis director Marjane Satrapi has been signed by Vertigo to direct new comedy-horror The Voices

The Iranian director of Persopolis Marjane Satrapi is to direct live-action satirical horror The Voices for Mandalay Vision and Vertigo Entertainment, it was revealed today.

Written by Paranormal Activity 2 screenwriter Michael R. Perry,  The Voices follows a mentally unstable factory worker who stops taking his medication.

Told from the man’s perspective, the film mixes dark and occasionally horrific subject matter with lighter and comedic refrains.

Veteran producer Roy Lee – known for the American remakes of The Grudge and The Ring – bought The Voices script for his production company Vertigo Entertainment, before searching for a suitable director when Mandalay Vision came on board to co-produce.

“We got lucky in finding the unique voice of Marjane Satrapi; she is a total visionary,” Mandalay Vision president Matt Rhodes told The Wrap. “She is a character-driven, performance-driven filmmaker. The heightened sense of reality that Marjane works in is just perfect for this story.”

The Voices will be Satrapi’s first English language film in what will be an intriguing challenge for the distinctly visual director. Satrapi penned a graphic novel for both her 2007 debut, the live-action French film Chicken with Plums, and the animated, part autobiographical document of the Iranian revolution Persepolis, which gained an Oscar nomination in 2008.

Casting will take place in the coming weeks, with an A-list star tipped for the lead role of what is considered a project with rich commercial potential.

Shooting will begin next year at Berlin’s historic Babelsberg film studio, where Setrapi shot Chicken with Plums. The historic studio was home to the shoot of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and celebrates its 100th birthday this year.


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