Sam Mendes forced to defend product placement in Skyfall

Daniel Craig in SkyfallDaniel Craig in Skyfall

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Sam Mendes has defended the use of product placement in Skyfall.

The director of the new James Bond film insists there was “no compromise” artistically in making the British spy film franchise because Daniel Craig’s character is naturally attracted to alcohol, fast cars and expensive watches.

Mendes told the BBC: “The producers come to you at the beginning: ‘We have relationships with these six firms – is there anyone you don’t want to work with?

“‘Any of these you can’t fit in the movie?’ And you say, ‘No I can’t do those two, these four would’ve been in the movie anyway. He would’ve been drinking in this scene, he would’ve worn a watch.’

“There was no compromise to the film at all using some product placement. If there had been – I wouldn’t have allowed it in.”

Fans have been critical of swapping Bond’s traditional martini for Heineken beer, but Daniel Craig has backed the filmmaker’s point,¬†branding it a “fact of life.”

Long-time sponsor Heineken hosted a VIP Skyfall¬†afterparty last night at London’s Cafe de Paris to celebrate 50 years of Bond.

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